Thursday, November 25, 2010


Now that its two more days till im gone,, i can feel how much im going to miss everything and everyone in this place :(
I dont feel excited anymore,, but i should shouldn't I? I mean its college, possibly the funnest times in our youth! Idk ,, i dnt really know what to expect...

Funniest. Commercial. EVER!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Final Countdown

Yes, three more days till im gone.. BUt somehow its weird that i dont feel sad.. Idk
Yea i was upset yesterday with my friend,, but i cn still forgave her and all.. So don't take the letter as a I-wish-youre-dead letter. its not,, its a reality check but anywho i didn't write any names so it could be just anyone..

Idk why im not sad, im not excited,, i guess i stopped feeling those because the last few weeks i used up all those feelings and now when its like the last few days before i go, i feel neutral. u get what i mean? Anyway im going to the doctors now to see my TB test results then im off to a friends house.

OH BTW,, the pope sez its ok to use condoms now,, i didn't even know that birth control a sin!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Letter To A "Friend" (part 2)

A long time ago i made a letter to a friend and this is part two,, its still the same "friend".. Here we go:

I thought you were better,, i thought that with a man in your life,, you will act more mature and more considerate to your other friends (coz apparently there are more victims) but i guess not.. I can't say how much you hurt me,, telling horrid stories about me to your friends and even to my associates that make me sound like a bitch,, those stories weren't meant to be to be spread like wildfire,, those stories i told you long ago was a SECRET,, a secret on which i thought you were capable enough to keep. And i was wrong,, you just have to tell em to people and for what? im sure that hurting me was not enough,, you used those stories to get attention from your friends didn't u? Oh yeahh,, those times when you talked about your school friend who you thought was a horr,, well guess what? Surprise! I know her now,, and she told me how you hurt her also,, you were just exaggerating stories like the way you exaggerate mine.. Hey,, we're teenagers,, we do stupid stuff and tell some trustable friends what we did,, we didn't tell them so we sound cool, we tell them because we felt sometimes guilty and needed to get the burden out of our chest.. Get it? I made a mistake telling you everything.. Oh yeah,, and sometimes the way you always need to compete with friends on how many guys are falling head over heels for you? Yeah.. i kno,, u can deny that but deep inside its true now isn't it? Also the way u backstab our friend, OUR FRIEND was just uncall for,, she didn't do anything wrong to u and she's the one who keeps reminding me afterall ure our friend,, but that was just LOW, backstabbing her to her own friend,, (wow reminds me too much about my bro story).. BTW i know hoe proud u r to have a bf now,, but a people in relationship sould be mature,, and the times u sed u love him i doubt u have real deep feelings,, coz reality check,, people in relationships dnt say i love u the split seccond theyre together.. Oh and about the guy "that keeps texting u n annoys u" ,, yeah here's a suggestion STOP ACKNOWLEDGING HIM.. geez

But anyway,, im sure u could change,, inside u there's a good person but its being hidden by ur bad side.. I just hope u could change, i dnt hate u,, u made me mad a lot but i wont give up on u.. Please change ur bad behavior coz believe me when i say this u had hurt a lot of people and idk if u realized it,, and at the end it might hurt u too. So please, STOP


Yes new header! About time!! haha i really like it even though it was actualy not that hard to make,, :) proud of my amateur illustrator sill :D

Well, 5 more days till im moving :(( Its both a sad and happy thing,, i mean im really excited for college and all the experience,, but then again im leaving my close friends and family,, so its bitter sweet,, but everyone has to face them.. And im sure ill do fine :) gotta be confident

A few things:
- i did my TB test, it hurt a bit but i didn't say a word.. :D it usually took me forever to be put in a situation where a needle would be,, but this time its different!! :D
- The maths i have to study for my placement test,, nada,, as in i know NADA anything about it! ughrrrr
- I don't have to take flu shots woohoo!!!

Anyway,, i hope u guys had a good week,, coz after this week, mine wont be the same again


i got bored,, this is for my twitter avatar.. lol

Monday, November 22, 2010

The story of...

Sorry boys but you have to admit that Walt Disney has a way to make an experience of bleeding from your vagina (or vajayjay as my friend would call it) into something beautiful lol

Actually some of the tips they said was actually very helpful!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


good charlotte "like it's her birthday" from benji madden on Vimeo.

Ok first of all, I love this band with all my heart,, but what i just watched was a bit different than the other videos they did,, well i don't know,, sometimes i get a feeling that this band has a tendency to follow whichever was hot in the music scene lately ,, sometimes the word "unoriginal" and "inconsistent" comes to mind, and that was my honest comment. And this video helped it,, well in their case i can see how hard it is to survive in the music scene after being in it for more than a decade,, i mean music change a lot. But, i just wished they could also bring their old self to,, you know be themselves.. I know they're currently friends with people from bands like ATL, and those kinda bands,, which kinda influence them,, but i can totally see a pattern,, when they were in the second album they were hanging out with Simple Plan, third album started hanging out with MCR, fourth hanging out with Avenge which explains the dark outfits (which i still hate and happy that they're staring to fade) so yeahh,, ive been listening to these guys since i was 8, so i still love them to bits,, but theyve changed,, and it might take a while for me to get used to it,,,

BTW the songs ARE quite catchy, but a bit diff thats all